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Nordwolle Delmenhorst

North-West German Museum of Industrial Heritage

The North-West German Museum of Industrial Heritage Nordwolle (lit. North Wool) presents in a historical complex of buildings - amongst others the early light station (1884) and turbine house (1902) - the development of the town Delmenhorst from a medieval castle to the most important industrial city in the grand duchy Oldenburg in the 20th century.
The history of the “North-German wool and combed yarn spinning mill”, founded in 1884, is shown in an exhibition space of round about 3000 qm, which reveals exemplarily the industrialization in 19th and 20th century. By means of numerous deliberate orchestrations and partly still working machines the visitor can comprehend the production from raw wool to yarn. Furthermore, the life of the laborers on the area of Nordwolle and the entrepreneurial family Lahusen is documented. The museum is provided with a variety of modern media, for example video films and sounds, computer animation.

Besides a visit to the museum the area of Nordwolle is inviting to a round tour. The industrial building stock from the 19th century remained in its integrity nearly complete and can be explored with the help of a guidance system. The area of Nordwolle enables the visitors to experience former factory life, but today it is a monument of industrial heritage.

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