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MORITZ – Mobile Round Tours in European Textile-Industry Centers

Promotion: Programme „Kultur2000“, European Commission

Runtime: 10.01.2006 to 09.30.2007

The aim of MORITZ (Mobile Round Tours in European Textile-Industry Centers) was to develop a concept for round tours using mobile devices at industrial heritage sites and museums in Europe, that refer to each other.

To extend each museum’s exhibitions into the various industrial sites and their urban environment, we developed PDA applications, which allow the visitors to explore each historical site and its environment, interact with monuments of industrial heritage and deliver multimedia content directly to the point of origin. The innovation lies in the development of both: a cultural and a technical concept, which are transferable to different sites, within the existing European network of textile industry along the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH).

The PDA assistants are developed as a fully transferable method for all three mobile systems in the three museums in Lodz, Riga, and Delmenhorst on all levels:

  • Historical – Content - Design - Interface - Technical
  • Presentation of the common European and of each local history

The mobile assistants have been put into operation in autumn 2007. The knowledge, ideas, methods, and solutions from MORITZ can be used in any cultural institution and museum in Europe:

  • In the Project eMUSE: Mobile Knowledge System for the Weserburg Musem of Modern Art in Bremen with changing exhibitions
  • In the Project MaX - Museums at Access: Visitors interaction and citizens Participation in the Museum

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