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eMUSE - Weserburg

The Museum Weserburg is one of the biggest Collectors museums for contemporary art in Germany. With the multimedia guide eMUSE the museum provides a flexible portable guidance system for visitors. With free lendable iPhones each visitor can explore the museum individually. The visitors get background information as well as supplementary details on the museum’s exhibitions through photo, video and audio sequences. eMUSE is a versatile and transferable yet cost efficient device for information, communication and entertainment. eMUSE refers to the user’s medial experience and provides new possibilities of presentation in museums. Guided tours can be recalled individually e.g. on your cell phone.

eMUSE offers a wide level of provision of media cultural infrastructure to support museums in processes of acquiring knowledge, cultural activity and communication in a lively and playful way. eMUSE is a mobile, interactive system for information and communication for varied fields of application.

Virtual guided rounds are offered to the visitors. These rounds can be administrated centrally in the content management system. A variety of rounds can be generated with regard to particular criteria, e.g. rounds for each floor, each exhibition or a special offer could be a “director’s cut” tour. A rating function for exhibits can generate a visitors’ “Best of” round, which can be specified to target groups.

Specific rounds:

  • Interactive rounds for children
  • Rounds made for children by children with contents such as photo, video and audio recording
  • Rounds for deaf-mutes
  • Rounds in context of correlating artists/exhibits

With eMUSE visitors benefit from areas of knowledge, as museums are, where they collect information, in a systematical, structured way and in a location-dependent context. The system creates imagination, knowledge or even a new behavior in the respective venue. Differences between the visitors with respect to their motivation, age, prior knowledge andtheir specified interests are regarded – playfully, informatively, actively.

eMUSE works with every WLAN-capable cell phone/mobile/PDA/iPhone/iPodTouch:

  • A central information management facilitates data administration and implementation
  • Every visitor can get data access with his own familiar device
  • The Wi-Fi connection to the data server can be used by the visitors in return for a feedback

The emphasis lies on aesthetics and user friendliness of the application. The interface is intuitively accessible designed for ease of use, it entails that even unversed users easily understand the operating mode and overcome their inhibition to technical handling.


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