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Magische Orte Entdecken (Discover magic places)

Culture and Innovation Project / Region of Osnabrück (Lower Saxony)

Project duration: 2014 - 2016

Funded by: DBU /Reference number 31914-45


Exemplary development of selected cultural landscape areas to obtain knowledge about the cross-epochal function of landscape as worth protecting reservoir of nature and culture for Archaeological Research Group for the city and district of Osnabrück.

The selected areas in the region and the city of Osnabrück function in their current form as authentic culture places as exhibits. Context information are conveyed primarily virtually via App and Web applications. The interdisciplinary approach of the project allows the merging of different viewpoints, different branches of research, discipline and interest groups.



The archaeological investigation of these locations has made clear that the use of such exceptional landscapes is a cross-epochal phenomena and can be detected since the formation of stationary structures during the Neolithic period.

The project examines these various archeologically explored cultural monuments in the Region of Osnabrück to emphasize the significant and emotional quality of landscape.


-        Knowledge and information about: embossing function of landscape, forms of emotional relationships between man and landscape and landscape history

-        Awareness for the preservation of natural and cultural landscapes – “cultural memory”

-        Mediation of archaeological content, like change in the burial customs of the Neolithic to the early Middle Ages; religious beliefs, belief in the afterlife and rituals of pre-Christian cultures; change of religious ideas by socio-economic change or religion as a reflection of human-environment relationships,

-        Increasing tourist attractiveness of the presented places

-        Development of new forms of non-formal learning with particular experience and intuition value

-        Permanent integration of activities with children and young people and schools within the project

-        Special offers for young people and their "user" culture



Archäologischer Arbeitskreis für Stadt u. Landkreis Osnabrück e.V.


Altstädter Grundschule

Artland Golfclub e.V.

Ausgrabungsprojekt Schnippenburg

Förderverein und Museum Schnippenburg

Axel Hartmann Fotografie

Bistum Osnabrück, Diözesanmuseum

Darpvenner Diele, Ostercappeln-Venne

Eisenzeithaus Venne

Filmproduktion Hartman- Hilter

Forum am Dom in Osnabrück

Gasthaus Linnenschmidt, Ostercappeln

Gemeinde Ankum

Gemeinde Belm

Gemeinde Merzen

Samtgemeinde Kreisheimatbund


Gemeinde Ostercappeln

Gemeinde Wallenhorst

Gerbus Restaurant, Merzen

Gesamtschule Schinkel

Gymnasium Carolinum

Haus der Jugend Osnabrück

Heimatbund Osnabrücker Land e.V.

Heimatverein Merzen Heimatverein Schwagstorf Igel Gartenkultur

IGIS Bürgerverein Interessengemeinschaft Iburger Straße

Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte Universität Kiel, Förderverein Cinarchea e.V.

Bersenbrück Megalithic Routes e.V.

Museum am Schölerberg, Planetarium

Natur- und Geopark Terra.vita

Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung GmbH & Co. KG

osradio 104,8

Pfarreiengemeinschaft Ankum - Eggermühlen- Kettenkamp

Ruller Haus e.V.

Stadtspieler Osnabrück

Theater Osnabrück

Zoo Osnabrück



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