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MMM – MenschMeerMedien

Media Art Festival at Nordwolle

Funded by: EWE Stiftung, Sparkassenstiftung Niedersachsen, Stiftung für Deutsch-Polnische Zusammenarbeit

Total volume: 48.000 €

In a Night of the Media Arts, composers of electronic music, media artists and performing actors from New York, Berlin, Lodz, Danzig, Bremen and Delmenhorst deal with the Nordwolle’s past, present and future via concerts, interactive installations, VJing and projections – always under the heading of “MenschMeerMedien”.

The festival did not only introduce the tour of MORITZ, but also offers an innovative combination of media art and an encounter with the diversity of industrial culture and history. The event invites the local public to interactively deal with their own urban history, comprising living conditions, migration and labour.

Scattered over the former factory site, media art installations, a concert, sound performances, photography and interactive IT-based media art determine the Nordwolle’s appearance. Light shows, haptic and acoustic experiences allow an alternative perception of a very special place.


Barbara Buchholz (Berlin), Mikro Orchestra (Breslau), Lidia Visconti (Berlin/ Gdansk), BNC (Bremen), Forwardmotiontheater (New York), SHARE (New York), Eric Dunlap (New York), Holly Daggers (New York), ChiKa Iijima (New York), Axel Himmelmann (Bremen), Andreas Genz (Bremen), Dorothea Wegelein (Bremen), Pedda Borowski (Berlin), Swaantje König (Dresden), Adam Witkowski (Gdansk), Maciej Szupica (Gdansk), VJane Danuzja (Gdansk), Agata Michowska (Posen), Franz Betz (Hannover), Kai Schmidt (Offenbach), Desiree Förster (Köln), Florian Wilke (Bremen), Felix Koplin (Bremen), Janine Dubslaff (Bremen), Daniela Ratt (Bremen), Magdalena Ziomek-Beims (Bremen), Iwona Bigos (Bremen), Martin Koplin (Bremen), et al.


Project partners:

Nordwestdeutsches Museum für Industriekultur Nordwolle

agitPolska e.V.


Kulturbüro der Stadt Delmenhorst

ZOOM Videobeamer Bremen

University of Applied Sciences Bremen


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